20+ Angel Tattoo Designs You Must Love and The Meaning

20+ Angel Tattoo Designs You Must Love and The Meaning 1

Since Angel Tattoo are still best described as one of the most charming and adorable representations of heavenly beings, having angel tattoo is often considered superior. People believe that angels are the creatures who come to guide them and all other human being in everything they do. Whether or not the angels truly exist, it is still a questionable issue.

Apart from the fact of the angels above, many people are getting tattoos with angel image simply because they are too adorable and nice-looking.

The Best Placement of Angel Tattoo

Literally, this type of Angels Tattoo must be placed right away on a certain part of your body. There are some areas that are considered ideal for the best angel tattoo placement. It depends much on the size and shape of the tattoo. In this case, if you want a huge tattoo, your back would be the perfect area to apply. The flat surface of the back will make the design clear to see particularly the small details of the tattoo design.

20+ Angel Tattoo Designs You Must Love and The Meaning 2

Meanwhile, for smaller size of Angels Tattoo, you can choose your shoulders, arms, or hands. These body parts provide you 5 inches for the maximum height and 3 inches for the width. If you want to expose the tattoo, these small tattoos on your hands, shoulders or arms would be the perfect choice.

Angel Tattoos Meaning

When it comes to find out the meaning of angel tattoo, you will be directed into the deep understanding of tattoo meaning compared to any other tattoo. However, the meaning of tattoo angel typically depends on the design used.

For the guardian angel design, it symbolizes protection and authority. It deals with the guardian angel’s task which is to closely watch over humans. People with guardian angel tattoo will generally feel safer. Perhaps, it is because they believe the angel on their tattoo is taking care of them as the real guardian angel.

20+ Angel Tattoo Designs You Must Love and The Meaning 7

Fallen angel tattoo design implies the different meaning from the guardian one. It represents repentance for the sins that you have committed. This fallen angel tattoo is usually designed with the head buried in his hands, implying that you are regretting the sins. People choose this fallen angel design for their tattoo to recall their sins and ask God for forgiveness. Fallen angel tattoo design is also one way to let other people know that you are humbling yourself to a person mightier than you.

The other meaning you can derive from the angel tattoo is the way of memorizing a lost relative or friend. When you lost a very meaningful person in your life, you can express it through this tattoo. It also means a second chance of life you derive after the recovery sessions. When you have the worst life experience, the design of tattoo angel will help you heal very quickly.

Meanwhile, the religious point of view will lead you to the assumption that you can call a helper as your eternal assistant through the tattoos.

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