70+ compilation best wing tattoo Designs You Can Choose

70+ compilation best wing tattoo Designs You Can Choose 1
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Are you wondering what kind of tattoos that are much representing the freedom? You will never find such a perfect Wing Tattoo design but the tattooed wings. It is because this tattoos provide a lot of customization so that you can have any design that meet your personal choice.

Wings tattoos are not always about the angle’s wings. There are tons of variations you can check out along with the various symbol and meaning.

What Do Wing Tattoo Symbolize?

What tattooed wings symbolize much depends on the designs. The different design means the different symbol and meaning. That is the basic understanding. In this case, angel’s wings symbolize a protection and guidance over something which is similar to the guardian angel tattoos. This tattoo design depicts the folded arms, making them the perfect choice for a back wing tattoo.

Other wings tattoos symbolize duality. For example, wings tattoos which consist of angel wing on one side and devil on the other side will symbolize the good and bad in you. This is quite similar with the yin-yang design which represents duality of coins.

You can also have wings tattoos to memorize your lost loved one. This means that wings tattoos also symbolize a lost. This way, you can have your loved one name tattooed and flanked by angel’s wings. An addition of quotes is great to place at the top or bottom. Different from any other wings tattoos, this one work better in small sizes to keep the privacy.

Other wings tattoos coming to symbolize perseverance. When you have passed difficult times, this tattoos will appear to show that you are ready for a new start of life.

Which Design Is Considered The Best?

Among the large number of tattooed wings design, we have only listed the three best designs which are considered the best ones to choose.

  1. Black and grey tattoo style

The first best design of wings tattoo you can consider is the black and gray style. Black and gray are more common in men than the colored ones. This design looks solid and strong to symbolize a freedom. More tattoo enthusiasts state that black and gray will definitely look best for Wing Tattoo. Will you consider this one?


  1. Phoenix Wing Tattoo style

Now if you prefer colored wings tattoo, you can surely take on phoenix wings tattoo style. Phoenix tattoo style looks very marvelous with the right color combination of red, orange and yellow. Phoenix design is based on the bird wings to symbolize freedom, too. Yup, it is the time when the colored wings tattoos look very great.

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