7 Best Meaningful Stomach Tattoos Designs To Make A Look Sexy

7 Best Meaningful Stomach Tattoos Designs To Make A Look Sexy 1
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If you have been familiar with the tattoos on someone’s back and arms, now we direct you to find the stomach tattoos which are also popularly worn. Stomach provides a wider space to ink so that you can have any design you really want to apply on. In this case, either the upper or the lower part of stomach areas are definitely concealable.

Although you can’t avoid the pain and uneasiness of being tattooed on stomach, you will soon forget them after the tattooing is done. It is because the result will give a wonderful feeling. In truth, stomach tattoos make you look sexy. As long as you choose the suitable design for your belly shape, you will appear sexier than before.

In relation to help you look sexy, here we have selected the 7 best meaningful tattoos design for your stomach. Check them out in the following sections and get inspired.

A Locked Heart With Angel Wings

The idea of a locked heart with angel wings tattoo design is very proper for women. Having the nice belly will be proper to have it inked. In this case, this tattoo design will symbolize a fact that you want to lock your heart from anyone else. Throw away the key and nobody can open your heart anymore.


A Locked Heart with Roses

The second stomach tattoos designed for women you may have a look is a locked heart with roses. When the heart is locked yet it is surrounded by roses, it delivers a meaning that woman has given her heart to someone and lock it for someone else. In other words, her hearts belongs to one person only. This is a very good tattoos design is very suitable for women in relationship.


Fierce Tiger for Man Stomach

Fierce tiger for man stomach is one of the masculine tattoo design for men stomach. The tiger image on the tattoo looks fierce and bearded on the right. This tattoo design may symbolize how strong the men is.

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