The Coolest Tattoo Designs For Men and women To Keep An Eye

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The Coolest Tattoo Designs For Men and women To Keep An Eye 1
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Are you wondering which tattoo design for men that suits you a lot? Whether it is the first time for you
to get tattooed or you are already a veteran, there are some crucial decision to make just before you ink
up. It is because the process of inking the tattoo on your skin either permanently or temporarily must be
carefully. Some people say, a tattoo is an investment.

Before you go further about the tattoo design aimed for men, there are several things you must take
into consideration. This is in relation with how to find the most suitable tattoo for men that you are
looking for.

Finding The Right Artist
The first decision dealing with the way you are choosing a tattoo design option is to find the right artist.
He is the one that will do the excellent art work on your body. He must fit your personal thinking and
style to make sure that the tattoo is suitable with your personality. This way, you can individually search
the information out of the internet and read his profile and artwork. Other way, you also head to the
tattoo studio where the artist does his masterpiece.

The Coolest Tattoo Designs For Men and women To Keep An Eye 2

Where to Ink The Tattoo
The next consideration you have to take is to know where to ink the tattoo. Since your body is your
canvas, it is very important to pay more attention where to ink the tattoo. It is something you want to
show off, right? This way, consulting with the artist is the good way. However, if you already decide the
tattoo placement on your body, then you can go on. Make sure you decide the proper tattoo placement
which suits the tattoo design.

The Coolest Tattoo Designs For Men and women To Keep An Eye 3

Tattoo Designs For The Coolest Men
If you are searching on an awesome tattoo design for men, this page is the right way to stay on. To
inspire you with the idea of having a cool look, here we are going to share the coolest tattoo designs
especially for men.

The Coolest Tattoo Designs For Men and women To Keep An Eye 4


1. Small Tattoo
The first common tattoo design that is mostly wanted by a man is the small tattoo. Small tattoo
is great for working or professionals and those who don’t want the tattoo to define them. You
can place the small tattoo anywhere else on your body. No matter how tiny the design you
choose, it will suits the wrist, arm, hand, chest, neck and other body parts. Small tattoo is just
for an easy men.

2. Simple Tattoo
Being simple doesn’t mean that a man can’t have the coolest look. Simple tattoo just proves
that you don’t have to be intricate or complicated. Although the design is simple, the tattoo may
carry a deeper meaning, high creativity and modern style. Typically, the small and simple tattoos
are very popular for men.

3. Religious Tattoo
The next tattoo designs for men you have to know is the religious tattoo. Naturally, Christians
are the ones that immortalize their belief in ink. However, some religious tattoos are also
representing the Greek, Roman and Norse gods.

Religious tattoos come in many variety of shapes and styles. In this case, the most popular
tattoo design for religious men is cross tattoo. If you want to show your devotion for a life time,
this tattoo design will be more suitable.

4. Cross Tattoo
Cross tattoos are by far the most favorite Christians tattoo designs you will ever see. Cross
tattoos come not only with the symbolic of God, Jesus and the faith but also provides tons of
styling options.

5. Quote Tattoo
Have you ever seen quote tattoo? It deeply symbolizes a life philosophy or belief. This kind of
tattoo brings the meaning, size, location, and font which are all crucial to emphasize the
message. If you are inspired by quote tattoo, feel free to choose the most meaningful tattoo to
ink on your skin.

6. Lion Tattoo
One of the tattoo designs for men symbolizing the strength, family and courage is the lion
tattoo. It can be an excellent option among the fierce of all image used as tattoos. It is also a
reminder of your won strength.

7. Wolf Tattoo
Are you wondering to find the best animal tattoo idea for men? Wolf tattoo is the best options
to recommend. It definitely symbolizes family, strength and loyalty. This way, you can surely
immortalize your relationship both with family and friends.

8. Skull Tattoo
Other tattoo design you can figure out to apply on men is the skull tattoo. It is best described as
the most badass tattoo idea. You can have this tattoo design to help you look so cool by asking
your artist to draw a small tattoo on your hand or forearm. You can also place the skull tattoo in
fiery 3D version on your back, chest or shoulder.

9. Rose Tattoo
Though rose tattoo is often associated with women and femininity, it is also incorporated with
many kinds of different designs for men. In these modern times, tattoo artist brings traditional
roses design into a masterpiece by creating the roses tattoo in 3D. Thus, the tattoo looks more

10. Owl Tattoo
Out of the coolest tattoo design for men, owl tattoo design is the only one tattoo symbolizing
intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Small owl tattoos will look nice on the wrist, ankles and
hands. On the other hand, the bigger owl tattoos on the back, chest, thigh and arm will make
the man look so cool.

11. Dragon Tattoo
Other cool tattoo design suiting men is the dragon tattoo. Dragon is one of the most powerful
mythical creature. As a tattoo design, it symbolizes strength, power, greed, wisdom and
rebellion. These symbolizing meanings much depend on the different types of dragon.
In shorts, there are a lot of options you can have a look about the tattoo designs for men. If you are
really eager to get your skin inked with the tattoo, make sure you are inspired to choose one of the
coolest design we have been shared.

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